Linhoff Kardan Color 45S, the economy model of the Linhoff product line introduced in the 60's. A very popular camera it is the most widely available Kardan today. A full and large movement view camera, it is beautifuly engineered and precisely machined from durable materials. It is a great camera for the studio and a joy to use outdoors. It performs reliably and consistently in the most demanding conditions
    full and large movements, on front and rear standards       belows remove easily  
        lens board and ground glass remove just as easily   swing, shift, tilt, rise on both identical standards, a simple, elegant, lasting construction.

18 inch monorail allows enough bellow length for 300 mm lens. Here I have swung the standards in line with the rail. A telephoto lens can be used for longer focal length

An inexpensive and excellent camera for entry level or professional work
My tripod is the big bembo probably the most adaptable tripod available. It has a big Manfrotto head. It is a heavy stable and dependable combination for severe weather and awkward terrain. I have built this case to take severe bumps in all forms of transportation. It survives the roughest roads and weathers, and my equipment is always in working order
The case is made from door skins and corner beads bonded with epoxy. It is padded with layers of foams of different density and covered with industrial vinyl fabric

my film is Kodak TMax @100 and TriX @320 for black and white. Fuji Velvia and Astia@100 for color

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