The Starship Telemark
33x26 in ~ 84x66cm

6 feet (2 meters) below this stove pipe lies the Starship Telemark a tiny ski cabin built on a ridge overlooking Kootenay lake. The cabin is built on a small ledge overlooking a 40 feet (13 meter) drop off on 2 sides. The cabin is entered from the side and can only be photographed from the top or from a helicopter. The Starship Telemark was built in the late 70's (without a permit) by a group of local residents who wanted a place to overnight while skiing the ridges. The materials were taken up in an old army ambulance making several trips up old abandonned logging roads. On the way back down the truck doors were left open so the crew could jump out in the event the the truck slid down the steep narrow tracks. Some very large windows made it up miraculously unbroken and grace the front of the cabin offering a stunning view of the lake. The locals and their friends know how to get there, and it is a jealously guarded priviledge. In winter it is an 8 hour ski trip up to cabin or an hour and a half of a fairly technical trail by skidoo.

Builders of the cabin: Peter Duryea (hence the Starship), Maurice Masse ( a modern coureur des bois), Robin Sturdy, Joel Goldberg, Suzan Holland, ( I will add more names as I get them)

Cape Horn
Gray Creek
Fletcher Falls
Ice garland
Ice caps
At the river bend
2 willows
image copyright Gabriel Dinim Light Mountain Photography